Traffic Impact Study

With an extensive experience of working on 60+ Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) projects in USA & India as Transportation Professionals, we believe that TIA is our key specialty. Our team balances a sound knowledge of traditional Traffic Impact Study techniques with the ability to create innovative and safe build-able traffic solutions keeping in mind the client and architectural vision.

New development sites can impact the surrounding roadway system by adding to existing traffic volumes or altering traffic patterns. In addition to designing appropriate access for proposed developments, developers should strive to maintain a satisfactory level of transportation service & safety for all roadway users. Traffic Impact Studies gather and analyze information that will help determine the need for any improvements to interior, adjacent & nearby road systems.


We offer a range of traffic studies services including fulfilling the requirements for MoEF (The Ministry of Environment & Forests) and HRC (High Rise Committee) building proposal clearances in India. In brief it encompasses the essential traffic activities required in environmental clearance of a project. Our traffic study projects range from a standalone high rise tower to a large township, residential, commercial, IT complex and industrial projects.

We also offer support to prepare Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) required for land development applications in the USA. TIA will be prepared based upon guidelines of respective jurisdiction of State DOT/ County/ City. Traffic analysis will be carried out in SYNCHRO / Highway Capacity Software (HCS+) / SIDRA, as per the project requirements. Please contact us for further details and to know how we can provide outsource support to your project in USA at competitive rates.


Swept  Path Analysis

Building/ development proposals sometimes need to demonstrate that the overall layout and parking floors can accommodate the movement of vehicles intended to use the property. Some layout also needs to demonstrate a smooth Fire Engine movement within proposed layout to make sure there is no hindrance during emergency operations. All these factors has led to designs being challenged more and more by the respective authorities (MoEF, HRC, MCGM, TMC, etc.) who need to be confident that the proposed layout is fit for purpose, particularly for sites where room for vehicle maneuvers is limited. To satisfy this requirement our experts can help with the drawing showing the Swept Path Analysis of vehicles overlaid on the proposed site layout to demonstrate that the vehicles can maneuver safely and efficiently within the site layout.

Swept Path Analysis benefits developers and architects by providing them with realistic simulation of vehicle path movement on proposed layout at beginning stage of the design process before they lead to costly design revision or construction modifications.

The Swept Path Analysis incorporates pre-designed vehicle templates including AASHTO-USA, Canada, Australia & New Zealand, etc. Our experts have the ability to design custom vehicle templates as per Indian vehicle fleet of large vehicles (e.g. Innova), small vehicles (e.g. Maruti Swift), sedans (e.g. Hyundai Verna) and luxury cars (e.g. Mercedes), etc.

Retrieval Analysis

Building/ development proposals sometimes need to demonstrate the emergency evacuation plan and retrieval time to evacuate proposed parking lot during emergency situations. Our expert team can performed Retrieval Analysis to determine the total time required to evacuate the entire parking structure of the proposed development.

We will analyze different evacuation scenarios to evacuate the parking structure during emergency and will present the best possible scenario or retrieval plan. The planning of vehicle retrieval is necessary for the any car parking system to ensure smooth evacuation of vehicles in shortest possible time. We will assist to plan your parking layout to minimize the retrieval time required during emergency.


MCGM Regulation Lines (R/L) Traffic Studies

This traffic study proposes to check the width requirement of the subject road neighbouring the project under existing as well as future conditions. In brief, MCGM Regulation Lines (R/L) traffic study will comprise of Conducting 12-hour Traffic Counts to determine existing Traffic Volume, Trip Generation for expected Future Land Uses along the road, Projected Future Year Volume, Level of Service for Volume/Capacity, Traffic Simulation Model, Traffic Management Plan with Typical Road Section recommendations.

Traffic Simulation Studies

Traffic simulation studies are mathematical modeling of transportation systems through the application of computer software to better help plan, design, and operate transportation systems. We are well conversant with PTV VISSIM, which is a microscopic multi-modal traffic flow simulation software.


Traffic Management Planning & Consultation

Are you proposing a new development and seeking Traffic Consultant? We can help you. Our perfect blend of local & international industry experience allows us to offer a comprehensive and independent consultation and planning service for all Traffic-Transportation Management related projects. We can assist with any project in India regardless of its location and size.

Our Traffic Planning & Design Services can be an important value engineering tool for your Master Plan. Our involvement in early stages of planning of your project will ensure you to reduction in project cost and improve efficiency. Our initial consultation/advisory can be followed up by a comprehensive transportation planning service which enables us to plan your project with traffic prospective from initial advice through to completion.

We offer our advice based on thorough understanding of local & international reference standards, guideline & regulations including URDPFI (Urban Regional Development Plans Formulation & Implementation), IRC (Indian Road Congress), UTTIPEC (Unified Traffic & Transportation Infrastructure Planning & Engineering), MUTCD (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices), AASHTO (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials), ITE (Institute of Transpiration Engineers) Manual, etc.

Parking Design

Parking planning is an integral part of any residential or commercial project whether it is a standalone building or a township. The average construction cost of on-ground & underground parking spaces are directly related to design efficiency, construction methods, labor costs and geographical area. Participation of Sincrono Solutions as a parking consultant on the project team will significantly reduce construction/ongoing maintenance costs, improve user comfort, safety, and insure that individual design components and features will be kept intact with the overall design intent. Our expert team will also prepare Parking Demand Analysis based upon actual requirements and changing trends to compare with traditional jurisdiction guidelines.Given today’s average construction cost of one parking space, developers and architects can realize significant cost savings by seeking the guidance of our skilled parking design experts.


This cost saving is realized even more when Sincrono’s team is involved early in the conceptual design plans to develop efficient site utilization and master planning. An acre of parking layout can accommodate anywhere from 135-160 vehicles depending upon layout, parking codes, access gates and landscaping. Our parking experts can maximize land-use with parking optimization along with enhancing vehicular and pedestrian site circulation and way-finding.


Traffic/ Parking Layout Remarks / Traffic NOC (MCGM EoDB)

Are you trying to gain Building Permission from MCGM (BMC) for a development under Ease of Doing Business (EoDB) procedure? Do you require Traffic / Parking Layout Planning Remarks? Sincrono Solutions can help you.

Our expertise in all aspects of traffic coupled with our knowledge of the planning process, we can give you the best possible advice and practical support to ensure your parking layout is accessible and sustainable, as well as compliant with MCGM policies.

Road Safety Audit (RSA)

Road Safety Audit (RSA) is a formal procedure for assessing accidental potential and safety performance in the provision of new roads and schemes for the improvement and maintenance of existing roads. However, its systematic application can also ensure that a growing awareness about good road safety principles is achieved throughout in highway planning, designing, construction and maintenance phases.

We have learned through our extensive experience in the USA for highway construction that inaccurate planning, design and management of a Work Zone or Traffic Control Plan can cause health and safety hazards to road users and also cause delays to project creating commercial uncertainties. It is an area that has historically been overlooked or not given the attention to detail it deserves to ensure safety to road users in India. We are committed to offer this service in India with brining in some international safety standards to make it safer to road users. Also, as a certified Road Safety Auditors, we offer services in doing Road Safety Audits in India. Please contact us for further details and to know how we can support any RSA or Work Zone Traffic Control plans for your projects at competitive rates.


Traffic Surveys

We provide services for traffic data collection on roads ranging from local streets to National Highways across Maharashtra State. We also provide existing traffic data analysis to present existing traffic pattern throughout the day, peak hour traffic and Average Daily Traffic (ADT), etc. We assure you about accurate and reliable data to use in traffic/feasibility studies. We provide services for manual or video based Classified Traffic Volume (CTV) and Turning Movement Counts (TMC) surveys.

Signing & Pavement Marking Plans

We provide complete guidance for installation of signs & road markings for smooth & efficient traffic movement within your community. With extensive experience of working in USA, we are offering overseas support for design and/or drafting of Signing & Pavement Marking Plans for all types of roads ranging from local streets to highways/ freeways. Our design will be based upon DOT/County/City & MUTCD guidelines for USA/AUS projects and IRC standards for India. Please contact us for further details and to know how we can provide outsource support for design and/or drafting for Signing & Pavement Marking (SPM) Plans.


Pre-bid Engineering Services

We provide complete pre-bid engineering services for highway & bridge projects. Our services include but not limited to Data collection, Conceptual design, Review Basic Drawings, BOQ, Provide suggestions and evaluate alternative methods, if any. We also assist in preparing feasibility reports for infrastructure projects.

Highway Design

Our comprehensive road & highway design services ranging from initial concept development through detailed design covers all types of roads & highways from local access roads to major urban and rural strategic routes. We assist our clients by finding cost effective methods to improve safety & extend roadway life.


Signal Design & Warrant Analysis

Having successfully worked on many projects in the USA our team members has gained extensive experience in Signal Design. With our continuing efforts to provide overseas support, we offer complete support for design and/or drafting of signal plans. Our design services are in accordance with provincial DOT/County/City standards & MUTCD guidelines based upon project location. Also our expert team can provide a traffic signal warrant analysis for an intersection with available field data and MUTCD warrant guidelines. Please contact us for further details and to know how we can provide outsource support for design and/or drafting for Signal Design plans.